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The Official Release of Out In The Country by Tommy Wood

Authentic Country Boy Tommy Wood - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Official release of "Out In The Country" music video by Tommy Wood hit Youtube and other social sites world wide
this afternoon.  The video was filmed in Tommy's hometown county of Greene.  The video producer, Robert J. Baker was excited to take on this project as production leader and chief editor when he and Tommy ran into each other a few months ago and in their conversation a video was in the making.  Check out the music video and post your comments via facebook, twitter, reverbnation, Youtube and Linkedin.  Don't Forget to share the video with your friends and get them to share it too.  The CD Titled "Out In The Country is available at the Music Store in Ruckersville and you can purchase downloads at reverbnation and Amazon.  Thank you for your continued support for Tommy and his music.

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A New Country Song -- Lyrics for Every New Dad

Authentic Country Boy Tommy Wood - Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Dads, Old Dads, All Dads -- Listen Up! There's a new country music song with profound words that get right to the heart of whose footsteps you're truly following....and the two little feet that'll follow you forever.

With inspired lyrics written by Pastor Gerald Crabb of Louisville, KY this telling and significant country song opens the deepest vault of your heart, probably more so than any country songs about family

It has a way of locking itself inside of you forever -- free of harm's way, promising to stay there altogether safe, sound and snuggly.

In its timelessness, every eye-opening word rings true and every word brings truth.

Tommy G. Wood, gifted and talented country music artist, delivers this tough yet tender-hearted message that's as soft and gentle as a brand new baby's skin.

Words like the need to "reach out for direction" and the desire to be "a living example" bring to light that native longing of all dads the world over to be the very best father for their precious little ones.

This song suggests that just like their fathers, children also have a built-in native, uncanny genius-like ability to mimic everything they see and hear from the world around them.

And then, lo and behold, after they take it all in -- they breathe it all out!

Like an echo that gets repeated over and over, children take in, soak up and copy (with some differences) and pattern themselves upon the ones they love and admire the most.

Because our wide-eyed children make a replica of our very words, folks are spending lots of borrowed time combing earnestly through positive parenting books that promise quick answers on raising confident, godly children. Here's a song that sums up everything in one simple tune with time-tested parenting advice that grandma is sure to recommend. Plus, you'll save a bunch of time by tossing the hodgepodge reading matter and use that time to invest in your little one who's secretly watching you.

Question is, will she or he see you walking through dark, seedy gangways or traveling the sunshine-filled, sweet smelling high-road of life?

Listen to this song one-time and the decision that will affect who and what you hand down to posterity becomes crystal clear!

"Two Little Feet" recorded at almost four minutes, you'll find it takes the time to talk loudly in a commonsensical way without being preachy.
Once heard, moms, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and everyone who loves children will want their "new dad" to listen, really listen before another day passes by to this new country song

©2015 Mary Theresa McLean, exclusive web content writer for Tommy Wood.

Broken dreams and a broken heart are made whole and happy again: An anthem for a brand new beginning

Authentic Country Boy Tommy Wood - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ever been burned by the fiery trials of life?

Ever journeyed with open eyes down a path that looked convincingly safe but ended up a dead end.... or worse, that led you to the slippery edge of a cliff?

When the only two choices in life are to turn around and change direction or fall off into oblivion, it's definitely time for a decided step.

When it gets to that point, your life's dreams have been broken, your heart seems shattered and nerves ..... well, they feel tighter than an accordion pleat!

How do you turn dreadful wrongs into rights, clean up and start all over? Exactly how do you reclaim your self worth?

It all begins in the heart.

When a massive change of heart is the emerging need of the day, praying for and depending upon God's forgiveness, grace and mercy never fails.

Depending and relying on those three things, you can stop listening to the voice of the charmer and begin to ride tall in the whirlwind, allowing Him to direct the storms of your life.

It was a clean-sweeping turnaround that composer Phillip David Harris of Birmingham, Alabama made by looking full in the face of his own life that ultimately led to the birth of the country song "Piece by Piece".

He recalls the passionate beauty of his very own precisely inspired moment when the powerful words fell like silk from the sky.

Unfolding his own real life story, the words came to him just after lunch while driving on Highway 79 toward Guntersville, Alabama when the floodgates of emotion opened.

The music and lyrics were as clear and bright as the sun at noonday.

The inspiration came with such magnetic force, he had no choice but to pull over and grab the first piece of paper he could see. Phillip watched in wonder as the words poured from his pen onto the back of a check stub on the dash of his truck.

Reflecting on that day, he's still in awe and wonderment at how fast and immediate the instant burst of clarity took place. You could say it was a once in a lifetime "seventh heaven moment".

This shining moment in history takes on an expanded, extraordinary meaning when 
country singer and song-smith Tommy Wood enters the scene.

Just as the sun delightfully beckons us with lengthening days in early spring, Tommy was beckoned by Nashville producer Dave Fowler, to take a look at "Piece by Piece" from a selection of newly written
 country songs.

Tommy was stunned when ....

...... he first heard it and knew he just had to record it.

He knew someone who was in a mighty struggle with addiction and thought it would touch them somewhere, somehow, down deep in their spirit and inspire them to change direction.

Like the lengthening days of spring that bring promise of growth and new life, Tommy fiercely wants more than anything through this 
inspirational song to bring hope and motivation to others who want to turn things around and make a better way.

Listen to "Piece by Piece" beautifully recorded at just over three minutes by award winning country music recording artist Tommy Wood.

You'll find it has a way of delivering a tender, healing kind of hope that gives forth a soothing light in its fullest spectrum of color and helps you to win back your place in life.

The rhythmical, folksy sound and promising words are as reassuring as an Appalachian lavender sunset on a breezy summer evening.

When you decide to put your life back together piece by piece, you'll say hello to filling your life day by day with peace by peace. Goodbye, broken dreams!

©2015 Mary Theresa McLean, exclusive web content writer  for Tommy Wood.